The newest Netflix series is good
  1. Yup smoking still looks cool
    When you can't smell it and it's on tv
  2. Ben Mendelsohn is the best criminal
    From Place Beyond The Pines to Killing Them Softly he is magnetic
  3. Gotta visit the Florida keys
    I went once for Christmas it was really fun family type environment. I'd imagine the seedy underbelly is a lot more interesting
  4. Kyle Chandler is one sexy dad
    I'm a strait dude but he's the 21st century Marlboro man.... Who smoked a cigarette like
  5. What role could Tituss Burgess of played
    Comic relief, hardened fisherman- a little facial hair an old baseball cap a deep growling voice,
  6. The entire cast is just great
    The list goes on from Chloe Sevigny, Jamie McShane, Linda Cardellini, Sissy Spacek. Jamie McShane is fun to watch.
  7. What's this twist I've heard about