1. Menu
    Choose atleast 6, we got 7, courses.
  2. Table
    Our waiter had the whole backstory of this place down. Sublist 1-'The Progress' was a a theatre that inhabited the space before, 2- our table and lazy Susan were made of cypress which was cutt from a tree that fell in the presidio c. 2007 3- all of the plates were done by a local craftsman
  3. Appetizer plate thing
    Miso black cod in the back Tempura-like broccoli Curried oranges Teriyaki 'jerky' Little Parmesan crackers with Apple slaw
  4. Shaved cauliflower-herbs & pig fries
    Great, chopped then fried pork belly and ears act as the fry element. Had a bright salsa like sauce
  5. Roasted Mushroom & Kale with local Wakame kraut
  6. Aromatic spiced squab with salted chili paste
  7. Grilled Five Dot Ranch beef with mustard-miso oyster sauce
  8. 'Treasure Chest' of fermented sausage, trout quenelles & pumpkin- rice dumpling in a creamy pork broth
    Our waiter and the chef who actually brought out the dumpling soup both said it was their favorite dish on the menu
  9. My sister and the rest of the place behind her