Too mouch for me
  1. Kidney stones
    I saw the episode of deadwood where the guy had kidney's terrifying
  2. Air conditioning
    Nope! don't have it, have fun sticking to everything you sweaty animal
  3. The common cold
    Dead you could just die at 13 from the cold and then your family would burry you in the backyard next to you sister who died after stepping on a nail
  4. I'd be too drunk to unbuckle all my clothes
    In the 1800's the average American drank 5 gallons of pure alcohol a year today we drink 2. All their clothes had buckles and straps and a lot going on basically
  5. Crime and outlaws
    It's rampant I'd imagine in the west. I mean I'm still afraid I might get kidnapped. In The 1800's basically everyone is Timothy Olyphant in deadwood, so Ya it'd be intimidating