Allow Me to Listroduce™ Myself

I'm new to this, but allow me to introduce myself:
  1. My name is Brianna (ON-A, not AN-NA), but you can call me Bri.
    I did try changing my name to Tiffany in kindergarten.
  2. I have alopecia, alopecia doesn't have me.
    See what I did there?
  3. I am 26 years old.
    Sign: Scorpio. Beware.
  4. I love anything sparkly.
    The more glitter the better.
  5. I might be the girliest douche you'll ever meet.
    I will cry while watching The Notebook but I can probably lift heavier weights than you.
  6. Pretty Woman was my favorite movie when I was 3. It explains a lot about me.
  7. I'm a Special Ed teacher and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.
    The kids are my heart and soul.
  8. I have an obsession with the Kardashians. #teamKhloe
  9. I have 3 tattoos and this is my favorite one:
    "Just Keep Swimming" to remind me that I can get through anything! I battle with depression and anxiety every single day and this was kind of a spur of the moment idea and I love it so much.
  10. I cry when I can't find things.
    Like keys, etc.
  11. I trust the lady who does my nails with my life. She is truly the best.
  12. I dislike spaghetti and Family Guy.
  13. My first real celebrity crush was Vanilla Ice.
  14. My favorite shows of all time: Parks and Rec and How To Get Away With Murder
    Ron Swanson is my spirit animal.