I'm crazy happy with the idea of becoming a studio artist, but here's a list of other jobs that I would love doing!
  1. Psychologist
    This one is pretty common across the board for people I've talked to, but the human mind is so interesting. Big fan here
  2. Fashion designer
    I would love to merge sculptural aspects with clothing design. Might consider one day hmmmm
  3. Musician of sorts
    I have 0% musical talent, but hey W.E.
  4. Actor
    I have maybe 5% acting skills so that's better
  5. Graphic designer
    A lot of my sculptural work is influenced by clean design, I'd need the proper education, but it could be rad
  6. Photographer
    You'd get to meet so many cool people and go all over the place!
  7. A writer of a book/or a journalist
    Get a novel published and write down some ideas
  8. I'm realizing almost all of these are creative jobs. Good thing I'm in the right direction so far!