Multiple times a day since they dropped & the top 3 songs from each
  1. M3LL155X (EP) - FKA twigs
    1. "Glass & Patron" 2. "Figure 8" 3. "In Time" I am completely captivated by her unconventional approach to R&B. In "Glass & Patron" specifically she strays so much from the formulaic style of writing that seems so typical in most recent releases from popular artists, which takes a few listens to get used to, but becomes a craving I want in all music after listening to FKA twigs. Not to mention she completely sells the creepy vibe in a strangely alluring EPIC way.
  2. How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful - Florence and the Machine
    1. "Which Witch (Demo)" 2. "Queen of Peace" 3. "What Kind of Man" It should go without saying that Florence is one of the most talented musicians that is current in our society and culture. She is a vocal powerhouse, terrific performer, and captivating lyricist. Going on 3 months since released and I still listen to this album multiple times a day. The musical background score is something else that ropes the listener in an paints vivid imagery that encourages her metaphorical lyrics.
  3. Beneath The Skin - Of Monsters and Men
    1. "I Of the Storm" 2. "Hunger" 3. "Organs" This album is tricky because it's emotional response is so prominent in each of the songs on the album. I listen daily but find I have to choreograph which songs, as half of the album is very somber & has the ability to alter my mood completely, which makes the album so alluring and complex to me; therefore I keep listening. This album is one of the more powerful albums I've listened to in a while, and is balanced by songs like Crystals & Winter Sound.