1. What Kate Gosselin thinks about before going to sleep.
  2. If a woodchuck can't chuck wood, why is it called that?
  3. Fergie's top hits
    London Bridges, My Humps, Fergalicious, Clumsy, AND Big Girls Don't Cry JUST TO NAME A FEW!!!!!!1!!!1!!!!!
  4. Art
    I literally can't stop thinking about ongoing projects or just appreciating other people's artwork
  5. How to get rid of my roommates hamster
    Anyone want it? It smells bad and is weirdly loud for a 2 inch glorified mouse. It lives in the room next to mine so I can't escape
  6. Also Fergie's breakout role in Poseidon
    What a fantastic movie 😜😖
  7. Tinder and how I enjoy the swiping but hate the talking part of it
  8. And Village Candle: the knockoff Yankee Candle brand