Happy 30-Something @TaraFogarty! Here's a list of how we celebrated...hard.
  1. Started the day with Mimosas on Love Lane in the best town outside of NYC--the Northfork!
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  2. This place has the cutest outdoor space.
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  3. We visited Wickham's Apple Orchard and picked some divine apples.
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  4. This farm had pumpkins too!
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  5. Our driver gave us the full tour!
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  6. And it was a long a beautiful inlet.
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  7. The apples were ripe for the picking.
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  8. And of course, Collin and I posed for a gazillion photos.
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  9. And so did you!
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  11. I mean we really got into this.
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  12. And then we stopped at Croteaux Vineyard which must be our new summer rosé spot!
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  13. It had these gorgeous bottles that swayed in the cool fall breeze.
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  14. Then later that night it was off to the scariest Haunted House I have ever been to. It was about 30 minutes of unrelenting terror. The kind where people come at you from above, below, left and right. It was more like a Haunted Obstacle Course. There was even a Coffin ride. Where you got into the coffin, locked shut and they terrified you.
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  15. So cheers to your 30 something. I hope it was filled with love fun (maybe horror) and plenty of rosé!
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