Fill in the blank!
  1. Promised my boyfriend I'd wait to watch "How to Get Away with Murder" with him.
  2. Compulsively shopped on Amazon.
  3. Forgot my umbrella when it was actually raining.
  4. Used the 💩
  5. I said, "Google it."
  6. Pressed "Snooze" on my iPhone alarm
  7. Heard the @BravoWWHL theme song ( @andycohen's got the 411...)
  8. Forgot my grocery list at the grocery store.
  9. For every Christmas ornament I own. (I have an entire closet dedicated to this holly jolly holiday--and I live in an apartment.)
  10. Got McDonalds drunk. Got Taco Bell sober.
  11. Gave the stink eye on the subway
  12. Said I'd cook dinner, but ordered a basic pizza.
  13. Watched "Griswolds Family Christmas."
  14. Started a sentence with "I'm sorry, but..." I ain't sorry!
  15. Left the garage door open.
  16. Said I love you.
  17. Got my name incorrect on a Starbucks coffee. Because "Bridget" sounds a lot like "Pritchett" (really, Starbucks?!)
  18. Said, "hey, @emilyrieger" or "@grant?"
    Suggested by @jeanette
  19. Craved pizza 🍕
    Suggested by @jeanette
  20. Forgot to zip my fly after leaving a public restroom.
    Zip up, THEN wash hands and check your phone.
    Suggested by @EricElkins
  21. Was told "it's all in your head"
    Then was there with me to watch "it" come true
    Suggested by @furtadomf
  22. Promised myself I'd take the subway home. Then took an Uber instead.