Around the same time, I also wrote a piece called Animal Rights, do People Have Any?
  1. Dear William Clinton,
    All business. Check that font.
  2. I am one of the presidents of the Science Club. We have much concern about the animals on our Earth dying.
    President to president here.
  3. We have only one questions and one request. My question is, would you please help make a law not to kill animals?
  4. I don't mean that in general it is forbidden to do, I mean it like not to kill animals for the fun of it.
  5. As long as we use every part of the animal it's okay to kill them, but the only people to use every part of an animal was the Indians. They knew what they were doing when they killed the buffalo.
  6. Some people don't know what they're doing.
  7. And our country can't take that chance.
  8. So my request is that you put this picture in The Chicago Sun-Times (if possible), or any other newspapers in Illinois, and make sure someone writes the law that the Science Club suggested, and we won't bother you again.
    I found the photo @hollis
  9. Sincerely, Bridget Morrissey 9yr old at Scarlet Oak Elementary School
  10. Bridget Morrissey Science Club President
    Had to hit him with the official title again, in case he forgot who he was dealing with here.