Talking strictly lyrics. His music videos ask too much. Not here. Not now.
  1. Let's get the obvious out of the way: Is Davy still in the Navy?
    John at the bar probably never got outta that place, but I have hopes for Davy.
  2. Who's having the bottle of red and/or the bottle of white?
    Brenda and Eddie's smug classmates, talking trash all dinner long? Brenda and Eddie themselves, with an omniscient narrator to give us context and highlight how crazy it is that they're meeting up when we waved them goodbye so many times before?
  3. Is the starting of the fire a chicken vs egg situation?
    Always burning since the worlds been turning! What can we do with that, Bill?!
  4. What comical line did Billy tell when he couldn't leave a tender moment alone?
    I'd love to know how B. Joel works his way into and out of awkward situations.
  5. Did anyone get to telling the fisherman's wife he was trawling Atlantis?
    Sounded to me like he was just gonna hang out on the Downeaster Alexa forevermore. He also mentions selling his house but his wife is obviously not with him, so where is the family living? This guy seems like he's the worst.
  6. Should Sergeant O'Leary have traded in his Chevy for a Cadillac-ac-ac-ac-ac-ac?
    I know I know. I oughta know by now. It's just, BJ said this guy threw his back out and I just wonder if there's a correlation.