1. While babysitting tonight, I caught this show for the first time in years.
    Rachel, 10, announced to me that she had been watching this show called Sabrina on Amazon and had I heard of it? And are any of the actors dead now? Because the show is so old, of course.
  2. We watched three episodes.
    One of which featured newly famous N'Sync having a concert comparable in size to a tent band at a local carnival. The end tag featured them singing God Must've Spent A Little More Time On You to the Spellmans. Lance serenades Salem the cat and also mugs almost directly to camera.
  3. I had the best time.
    A truly great late 90s/early 00s gem. So love the use of magic in such a light context but with clear, fun rules: transporting to the other realm through the linen closet! The witches counsel!
  4. My biggest impression was how wholesome the show was without ever being too schmaltzy.
    It is clever and amusing without relying on much 'questionable' content, i.e. things that fly over kids heads. Each episode had a good moral that resonated without being too flowery or preachy.
  5. But Sabrina and Harvey might be the most chaste couple maybe ever?
    Disney Channel pairings see more heat than these two. I'm not sure they even touched, and one of these episodes was a Valentine's special. And they were dating. I remember the series finale involving Harvey fitting the other half of Sabrina's soulmate heart or something. I know my 13 year old self went wild for that. If you don't hear from me for 3 months, I probably fell down the rabbit hole binge watching the whole series in hopes of understanding the dynamic on display in this 3 ep stretch.
  6. In conclusion, I am still heartbroken I haven't woken up with magical powers yet.