You know... If they were real #dramaticsigh
  1. Gilbert Blythe
    Let's be real. Those dimples!? And he goes by Gil!? I am SO down.
  2. Mr. Darcy
    I know this is cliche, but secretly I just want to be/be besties with Elizabeth Bennett, so getting with her man only seems to be a natural part of that. Also, if we want to get technical, "book mr Darcy" is not super hot, so i'll just take Colin Firth.
  3. Wesley/Dread Pirate Roberts
    He wears a mask and has mad sword fighting skills - what more could a woman want!? Also, "As you wish" is one of my very favorite phrases to hear.
  4. Alex Wheatley - Safe Haven
    There's something sexy about the young widowed super hot dad. Especially if he's also a gentleman and his kids are precious and not brats. *if you fit that description and are reading this list, hmu
  5. Laurie - Little Women
    He's attentive, caring, filthy rich, and looks a lot like Christian Bale. What's there to say no to? Jo was a fool.
  6. Steve Rodgers/Captain America
    This one is purely from the movies - comic books aren't my thing. Captain America though? Yeah, he's definitely my thing. Hot, in charge, freakishly old but kinda not, and dec at saving the world? Yes. Please.
  7. Aragorn - Lord of the rings
    Let's be real. Again, I haven't read the books (ok, I started them, but have you seen the size of those things!?), so this opinion is entirely based off the movies. This is the only long-haired man I'd do, but, oh boy, would I ever!
  8. Noah - The notebook
    This one is also a little cliche. Bully for you, I don't care! Who waits for a girl for that long?! And he wrote a letter every day for a YEAR!? I'd take a guy who wrote me a letter like, even once, instead of a 10 character text, so Noah will just win EVERY TIME.
  9. Rhett Butler - Gone with the Wind
    If I have to explain this one, you don't know what's up. Go read the book. Even watching the movie would be ok!
  10. The cute guy from Princess Diaries 2
    You know, the guy who was sort of trying to steal her kingdom? Not the dork from the first movie. I love me some witty banter. Oh, and those blue eyes.