If a movie was made of my life, the cast would be killer.
  1. J Law, As Me
    I think we'd hang if we knew each other. She's blunt and sarcastic and weird and I like her.
  2. Maggie Gyllenhaal As my sister M
    I just love them both. Both strong women who don't take anyone else's shit and yet have a serious and depth and intellectual mentality.
  3. Emma Stone, As my sister L
    Funny, kinda gangster, mad throwdown skills, tiny but actually not
  4. Andie McDowell, As my mom
    Super gentle spirit, and she still looks like she could pull off how young my mom looks - she could be my sister or my brother's girlfriend, even after 9 kids and 50 something years!
  5. Taylor Swift, As my roommate Tanya
    Blond, tall as thin, and Richard is in love with her (both Tanya and Taylor...)
  6. Kristen Bell, As Mandy
    Goofy, gorgeous, funny and understated. I also could see her liking cats, so I think they'd be pals for real.
  7. Anna Kendrick, As @katep
    Pretty, funny, sarcastic, weird but in a cool way, stellar voice.
  8. Jimmy Fallon, As Lowell
    So many reasons
  9. Channing Tatum, As Justin
    Hot, but most likely kind of a dick in real life.
  10. Taylor Lautner, As Richard
    Both really into tanning and Taylor Swift.
  11. Jude Law, As Luke
    Fiiiiiine as heck. I basically just want to watch more movies with Jude Law in them. Also Luke is a peach so yes please.
  12. Jack Black, As Jacob
    Adorable in an atypical way. Also, I did not put him and Jude law next to each other on purpose, because I had The Holiday on my mind... I swear...
  13. Scar Jo, As Jess
    Will always be hotter than me. Or basically anyone. ever.
  14. Steve Martin, As my Dad
    They are basically the same person. Not kidding.
  15. Tom Hardy, As Danny
  16. Jake Gyllenhaal As Wesley
  17. Miranda Kerr, As Elisa
    Hot without trying. Also her brain has more potential than she gives it credit.
  18. Justin Bartha, As Brian
    Don't question this, people. It's meant to be.
  19. Christian Bale, As Matt
    Serious, aloof, but we all know he has a heart of gold and is basically brilliant.
  20. Michael, As Michael
    I just really can't imagine anyone but Michael playing him. Literally the happiest sweetest kid I've ever met.
  21. Zendaya, As Faith
    Super gorgeous and knows what she wants ALWAYS.
  22. Veronica Bonell, as Grace