Wisconsin is friggin cold for like 4 months straight. I hate it. So I am reminding myself what is warm about winter, aka the things I love. Please add what you love about winter!!
  1. Hot drinks make more sense
    Coffee, tea, hot chocolate... ❤️❤️❤️🔥
    Finally I have a justification for wanting everything that touches me to be fuzzy -it's basically for survival.
  3. Fires in the fireplace
    Guys are basically giant HEATERS, and in the summer that is not so convenient. But during the winter?? BRING ON THE CUDDLES
  5. Christmas
    Not technically warm, but it makes me feel all warm and happy to think about it.
  6. Giant sweaters
  7. Ice skating
    Also not warm, at least initially, but that feeling of floating and skating around the rink totally free?? Practically redeems winter. Bonus: indoor skating rinks 😉#favorite
  8. Christmas lights! Nothing like breaks through the 18 hours of darkness every day in the winter like pretty strings of lights on the houses and trees.