1. Early 20s, flower headband and lace dress. Most likely including cowboy (cowgirl?) boots. Not old enough to drink, but thinking somehow she is going to find a man at a concert where 98% of the audience is female and under the age of 17.
  2. Women over 40. Always on their 2nd beer, magically.
  3. Plaid, booty shorts, cowgirl boots
  4. Guy with unnecessary cowboy hat and giant belt buckle
    It's January in MN... This concert is inside. At this point, the hat is just rude to the people behind you.
  5. Too much Coors. But when is any Coors not too much Coors?
  6. Guy who is just there with his gf, pretending to enjoy himself mainly because he thinks it'll get him laid.
    Nice play, man. Best of luck to you!