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Guess which items went missing this week...
  1. Toilet paper
  2. Toothpaste
  3. Bath mat
  4. Shower curtain
  1. Those are some cute puppies bih.
  2. Ain't no bundle bih!
    That's when your card gets declined at the hair store.
  3. Ain't no mild chili bih.
2 more...
  1. You are a HEATED mess.
    You know a mess with heat applied to make it an even bigger mess.
  1. Day started with Jamba Juice...
    You asked for some of that.
  2. Beef enchiladas
    You asked where I got it and why you didn't get any.
  3. Ribs, corn, beans, macaroni salad.....
    You took 2 ribs....
  4. If you bring your ass over here again......
  1. I said I was hungry but you ordered food and didn't tell me.
  2. Did you just ask to have sex with me with a mouth full of food you didn't offer me?
  3. Ok.... Didn't you have sex with someone I know already???
  4. Don't you dare tell me to "fix my face"!!!!!
  1. Need to get up at get dressed
  2. Did I eat??
  3. Positivity is everywhere!!!
  4. Man I love the sun