The smells you thought you knew...and loved.
  1. Subway
    No, not the public transportation system. I'm talking about that unavoidable lunch spot where highly skilled "artists" anxiously await your order. The smell of freshly baked bread lures you in from miles away. You relish in the aroma until you which point you realize it will haunt you for the next 24 hours and beyond.
  2. Puppy Breath
    Can someone tell me how humans evolved into a species that enjoys the sent of an animal's breath? It's a strange but universal fact. If you really think about where that puppy's mouth has been, suddenly it's not so appealing.
  3. Campfires
    Again, this one falls under the "Subway Effect." One second you are sitting around telling ghost stories, and the next you're setting off the smoke detector in your own home. Leave this one to Bear Grylls.
  4. Grandma's House
    Sure, this one is loaded with nostalgia, but have you ever wondered how all grandparents' houses smell the same? And did they always smell that way? I need to know at what age I can expect my home to smell like expired perfume and moth balls.
  5. New Car Smell
    Let me preface this one with, it's my favorite and least favorite smell all rolled into one. I'll tell you car smell is fleeting. You are too high from sniffing the seats to notice that the collective scent of you and your friends is looming. Only three years to go until that lease is up and we can do it all again...