Things I Missed in Paris That I Absolutely Will Not Miss Next Time

  1. A meal at Carette in the Place des Vosges
  2. L'as du Falafel in the Marais--this was on my list for last time but for some reason I didn't go, despite having walked past it at least two times
  3. L'eclair de Genie. Another one I passed several times and for some reason talked myself out of. (The insides of my head are a weird place)
  4. Stohrer on rue Montorguiel, specifically for a cream filled pastry called Puit d'amours (well of love)
  5. Closerie des Lilas in Montparnasse, because Hemingway
  6. Brasserie Lipp
  7. Chez L'ami Louis
  8. Le Bistrot Paul Bert
  9. À la Mère de Famille (pour le chocolat)
  10. Amorino
  11. Odette
  12. Chez Alain in the Enfants Rouges
  13. Mariage Frères for some tea to take home