At BMDG, we have a weekly tradition. It's soup and salad Thursdays! Our team gathers for the lunch hour once a week to share a delicious fare of home cooked and slow cooked soups and salads. We'd like share some of the reasons why our staff enjoys this time, and give you a glimpse of our awesome agency culture.
  1. "This is a neat tradition. Not only do we get to enjoy some really good food, but it's a chance to get to know our co-workers better. It's been a great opportunity to try out some soups and other dishes I've not come across before."
  2. "The assortment of hot chocolate and delectable soups is definitely a huge draw, but the chance to mingle with co-workers in a casual and comfortable atmosphere is what I most enjoy. I get to talk to people I don't see everyday, and catch up a bit with my immediate co-workers - aka the inhabitants of the Writer's Block."
  3. "It saves me time...I don't have to worry about packing a lunch!"
  4. "My favorite thing is seeing the creativity of our team in a different format: food!"
  5. "In Sweden, we call Thursday's "little Saturday." This in itself makes Thursday a pretty great day. But, when you add homemade soups and salads and the culinary goodness that comes with that, you add another dimension to the desirability of said Thursday. It's like a pre-party. It's like turning the day up to an eleven. It's one better." #TGIT