Like any workplace, people say the darnedest things. Here at BMDG, we've overheard a few good conversations that make us chuckle, and routine phrases that make our culture...unique (but ultimately awesome!)
  1. "You might have to do a triple reset on that thing"
  2. "F no. Delete that S"
  3. "Grape is my favorite"
  4. "I thought they left?! Did they come back?"
  5. "We've got a dilemma: The Associated Press Stylebook says it's "Easter Bunny" with a capital B, but the Chicago Manual of Style likes "Easter bunny" with a lowercase b. Now what are we going to do?"
  6. "There's food in building 1"
  7. "Is it a thing?"
  8. "Is that a curly apostrophe?"
  9. "Long hair doesn't make me look sexy-it makes me look Amish!"