Foods I Could Live Without

Not saying you can't eat them. In fact, go ahead. Eat them all
  1. Mayonnaise
    Why do you exist you gelatinous fiend
  2. Squishy waffles
    Buttermilk waffles? Come on. You're butter than that. You're not a pancake
  3. The original V8
    Should have had a V8? No thanks, I'll pass. And live
  4. Burnt things
    This one is obvious. Alas, I burnt chili the other day though. There's only so much hot sauce inundation can fix
  5. Irish food
    There's a reason the potato famine went down. Potatoes were tired of Irish chefs
  6. Fancy cheeses
    Stop pretending. All cheeses are created equal. Your pretense smells like Limburger
  7. Pickled things
    I like almost everything that gets pickled, before it is pickled. Stop ruining things. I mean, what's the big dill