Huge fan of boy bands over here. But some of the members straight up make me SAD. Here's a list of some.
  1. Kevin. KEVIN! You're so sad. You were the dad of the backstreet boys and I'm so sorry.
  2. Let's keep it in the BSB family. Howie was supposed to be the lead singer of BSB... CAN YOU IMAGINE?! :(
  3. The guys that weren't Trevor (the lead singer) of Soul Decision. :(
  4. Most of the members of 5ive...
  5. CHRIS Kirkpatrick from NSYNC went through a lot. Including adult braces and zebra striped dreadlocks 😩
  6. This guy from 98 degrees absolutely makes me the saddest. I don't even know his name. I can't even bring myself to google him. That's how sad I am for him.