1. Breakfast: 2 eggs, bagel, hash browns, & bacon. 5/10
    Only half felt bad because I def ate more than my tiny bf
  2. 20 multigrain wheat thins. -200/10
    Bitch you gotta snack
  3. Dinner: salmon, wild rice, carrots and hummus. 0/10
    Like does this even count as eating?
  4. Half of a bag of medium buttered popcorn. 5/10.
    Treat myself
  5. The rest of the bag of popcorn not 5 minutes after putting it away. 8/10
    what was I supposed to do?! SAVE IT? I'm not a commoner.
  6. A frozen, microwaveable macaroni dinner. 80000/10
    I feel like you shouldn't eat something that comes from a freezer burnt box and needs to be microwaved for 5 mins? Is that a thing?
  7. Actually, I don't regret anything. A+ experience. Would recommend to friends.