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In Iowa, it’s all about who votes. Political expert Elaine Kamarck lists four different ways to consider turnout in Iowa. Read more about each: http://brook.gs/1VDtVJo
  1. If more people than usual show up to the polls, it will benefit Trump on the Republican side and Sanders on the Democratic side.
  2. If there’s a political revolution in either party, it will be the result of voters coming out to caucus who don’t traditionally participate.
  3. Clinton could beat Sanders based on geography.
  4. Some new voters may be turned off from coming out on caucus night.
How has American news and political media changed since we shifted into the digital age? Learn how these seven trends could impact the future of democracy: http://brook.gs/1SK46Xe
  1. Print newspapers are dinosaurs
  2. Hard news is in danger
  3. Television is still important
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Are we actually in the midst of a “student debt crisis?” Here are five facts Adam Looney and Constantine Yannelis uncovered about student debt in America. View charts, videos and more about student debt here: http://brook.gs/1GvWIgB
  1. 1.
    Student borrowing has surged in the past several decades.
  2. 2.
    For-profit and two-year institutions are a growing part of the debt problem.
  3. 3.
    Borrowers at for-profit and two-year schools are the most likely to default on their loans.
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