The NBA Draft was a wild night. We gave the newest members of the Nets a grand tour of their new home.
  1. Chris McCullough + Rondae Hollis-Jefferson arrive at our new training center (being built in Industry City).
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  2. Checking out the view from the soon-to-be rooftop patio.
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  3. "Do it for the Insta"
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  4. SURPRISE! First time seeing the jerseys.
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  5. Next stop, Barclays Center.
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  6. Workout room tour. All decked out.
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  7. Shopping spree to pick up some swag for Mom.
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  8. Swinging by the team from office to meet the crew.
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  9. Saying hi to our CEO.
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  10. And we out.
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  11. See you guys at Summer League.
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