This year was a wild ride. Catch all the game recaps and video highlights from every game listed below here:
  1. Nets vs. Bucks (Mar. 20)
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    Brooklyn's second 3-OT game vs. the Bucks nets thrilling win, 129-127.
  2. Nets vs. Hawks - Game 4 (Apr. 27)
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    Williams scores 35 at rowdy Barclays Center as Nets tie playoff series 2-2, with the 120-115 overtime win.
  3. Nets vs. Warriors (Mar. 2)
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    Jack strikes again, hitting epic game winner against NBA finalist Golden State. Nets win 110-108.
  4. Nets vs. Clippers (Feb. 2)
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    Nets rally as Jack's last second jumper propels Nets over Clippers. Nets win 102-100.
  5. Nets vs. Hawks - Game 3 (Apr. 25)
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    Nets use 18-0 run to sprint past the Atlanta Hawks in the first round of the playoffs, win 91-83.
  6. Nets vs. Cavs (Mar. 27)
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    Nets beat LeBron and the Cavs in impressive fashion, 106-98.
  7. Nets vs. Raptors (Feb. 4)
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    Jack scores 24 as Nets rout the Raptors in Toronto, 109-93.
  8. Nets vs. Magic (Apr. 15)
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    Nets clinch playoff spot with must-win game vs. the Magic, taking it 101-88.
  9. Nets vs. Bulls (Dec. 30)
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    Nets look strong, end Bulls 7 game winning streak in Chicago, 96-82.
  10. Nets vs. Mavs (Feb. 28)
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    Williams' 23 points gets Nets huge road win to close out 22 day road trip. Nets take it 104-94.