After a wedding in which the maid of honor spoke of her and the bride's shared love of so-called "Bollywood " movies, I noticed some films in Hindi with English subtitles free with my Amazon Prime account. I watched a couple featuring Ranbir Kapoor and was hooked. Here is my basic list of a few of my favorite things about these movies.
  1. 3 hours in a cool dark location during the summer heat
  2. Priyanka Chopra playing 12 different girls of the horoscope in "What's Your Raashee?"
  3. All the feels!
  4. Folks singing and dancing in the presence of ancient monuments, gorgeous geography and street festivals.
  5. The hugs!
  6. Keeping track of Anupam Kher's filmography count on IMDB ( he is up to 395).
  7. SRK on a motorbike.
  8. Crime Master Gogo!
  9. Hrithik Roshan smiling.
  10. Kajol
  11. Update: Kher count is up to 397!
  12. Salman Khan playing a religious innocent.
  13. SRK with a beard.
  14. Irfan Khan in anything