1. Sarah Connor Chronicles
    I know many people who watched this show.
  2. Pushing Daisies
    My sister said this show required brain power and hard to watch. What?! So we need more mindless reality tv instead?
  3. Almost Human
    Why would you cancel anything with Karl Urban in it?! Another smart show cancelled. I like that there are a few episodes that predicted our technology.
  4. Parenthood
    I miss this show so much! This show represented real life. I love the cast! The view of a high-functioning Asperger/autistic child was refreshing instead of a child that can't talk.
  5. Forever
    Dr. Henry Morgan kept coming back from the dead. He always ended up naked in the river. It was different and creative.
  6. Selfie
    People judged this show before it even aired and didn't give it a chance, but it was actually a cute show. The cast included Karen Gillan and John Cho whom I both like.
  7. Super Size Me
    For one week two friends would eat and drink like the people from selected time periods. They ate both from the paupers and royalty diets. I d k if it was cancelled or only slotted for one season.
  8. Astronaut Wives Club
    Okay, so I thought this was going to be stupid but with every episode it got better. This is loosely based on our astronauts' wives real lives. These women didn't just sit on the sidelines powdering their noses and doting on their famous astronaut husbands.
  9. Castle
    The ending just sucked. Could they have given it one more season to wrap it up right? I wonder why they fired Stana Katic.
  10. Monk
    Thankfully it was picked up and continued with success on USA network.
  11. Any suggestions are welcome to add to list.
    Unless I disagree.
  12. Don't trust the B**** in Apt 23