Foods that I Miss
  1. Drinking chocolate from Starbucks
    It was thick and rich and made me feel like an Aztec princess
  2. Cheesecake Factory Farmhouse Burger
    Sadly they no longer offer this hamburger with pork belly and a fried egg on top.
  3. Whole Foods Chocolate Flourless Cookie
    It tasted a bit like a meringue cookie with chocolate chips that seemed to stay melted.
  4. Big Coconut cookie from Corner Bakery
    Cookie with huge coconut flakes dipped in chocolate. Oh I really miss this one!!!
  5. Libby's Fruit Float
    It was Jell-o with Cool Whip in a can
  6. Captain Crunch cereal w/ just red berries
  7. Godiva Chocolates from the 90s
    It was decadent and made your eyes roll into your head. Godiva still good but no longer great.
  8. Coke Classic made with sugar
    It just doesn't taste the same now, even the ones manufactured in Mexico made w/ sugar still don't taste the same.
  9. Real Cherry Limeade from Sonic
  10. Immaculate Baking Co Ginger Spice cookies
  11. Ranch flavored Goldfish crackers
  12. Pillsbury Big Cookie
  13. Planters Cheez Balls
    All their snacks in a tin can tasted better
  14. Tidal Wave gum
    Gum that quenched your thirst
  15. Chocolate coconut nests with 3 jelly beans for eggs
    Candy only sold at Easter time
  16. Schweddy Balls ice cream
  17. Dark Magic k-cups before they made it weak
  18. Andy Capp Hot fries
    Hard to find
  19. KidZone Perfect Vanilla Cupcake bars
  20. Healthy Cheeto-type snack
    Don't remember brand name
  21. Nestle Alpine White candy bar
  22. Chu Boops
    Gum shaped like a record that came in a mini album cover
  23. Clearly Canadian
    So much better than Perrier
  24. Power Puff Girls ice cream with gum ball eyes