I was not aware I needed to finish reading the book before I started discarding. I'm going to continue discarding while I finish the book. Oprah is cleaning out her closet this month and selling her clothes on eBay. They are very outdated so she's just as bad as the rest of us in regards to hanging onto stuff.
  1. Sold 4 new tank tops on Facebook
  2. Sold 4 necklaces and a pair of earrings on Facebook
  3. Gave away an expensive velour evening dress
  4. 2 shirts: black and blue that I used to love because it hid my muffin top when I was fat
  5. Husband gave away 31 T-shirts
    He's getting motivated watching me clean
  6. Husband donated a huge stack of pants and jeans
  7. Threw away Soap and Glory lotions
    Both almost full but it contains parabens
  8. Big cable knit sweater
  9. Lacey skirt
  10. Black dress
  11. 2 cardigans
  12. Bathing suit
  13. Tank top
  14. Blue slip and chemise
  15. White top
  16. Boy's clothing: shirts, shorts, swim trunks
  17. Jewelry
    Various bracelets, earrings and necklaces
  18. Jogging pants
  19. Candle making supplies
    Wax, oils
  20. A bunch of miscellaneous stuff
    Flower pots, keyboard, empty boxes, leftover floral stems, keychains, containers, etc
  21. Approximately 500 hangars