I'm still motivated to purge. I just cannot bring myself to put all my belongings in the middle of a room because I don't have a room big enough. I mostly donate or give my stuff to people I know who can use specific items.
  1. To my friend for her grandson: ATM machine toy, brand new game, stickers and toddler activities
  2. My wedding shoes
  3. Couch from Havertys
  4. I donated a big shopping bag filled of stuff but I didn't have time to write it down.
  5. Gave a set of dishes from Portugal to my niece
    Plates, bowls, salad plates
  6. Harold's linen skirt
    I have a hard time giving away Harold's clothing because I'm emotionally attached to all of them.
  7. J crew plaid shirt
  8. New Bass high heels
  9. New navy Capri pants
  10. 11 blouses
  11. Men's Izod polo shirt
  12. Knife, wood serving spoon, spatula, garlic jar, icing knife
  13. Fax machine and toner
  14. 4 bras, 2 sports bras, bandeau
  15. Houndstooth skirt
  16. Jacket
  17. V-neck sweater
  18. Black skirt
  19. 2 watches
  20. 3 pairs of earrings
  21. Earphones
  22. Husband donated a few outdated business suits and trashed a bunch of old toiletries
  23. School stuff
    Crayons, markers
  24. Long cardigan
  25. 3 socks
  26. Birthday Party stuff
    Streamers, games, HB sign, beads, etc
  27. Threw away Lancome eye shadow, Clinique duo eye shadow, Arbonne eyebrow filler