How much stuff can I possibly have?!?! There's still so much crap to go through. No wonder Marie said this process could take 6 months.
  1. Cleaned Garage and threw many things away
    Cassette tape storage, newspapers w important dates, potpourri, craft supplies, etc
  2. Framed art
  3. Gave mom: new vitamins and new Mario Badescu eye cream
  4. Gave to sister: new NYX eye shadow, Clinique lipstick, Lancome lipstick
  5. 2 twin size comforters
  6. 2 Coca-Cola glasses
  7. This is how my husband's T-shirt shelf looks now
  8. Fox-colored Kasper suit
  9. 6 Disney VHS tapes
    Found out could be worth money
  10. "Old Faithful" HP printer
    I would never have given this printer away except the ink became $70 as it became more obsolete.
  11. Kitchen Aid chicken nugget pan
  12. From garage donations: 4 maternity bras, baby onesies and outfit, craft supplies, bucket, swim noodles, Stomping Spiders game, tent, shop vacuum and filter, life jackets, heater fan, clothes, chandelier prisms (cheap kind), mister for kids to play, ribbons, various sundry items.
  13. Fox-colored cardigan
  14. Long silk beige dress with mini flowers
  15. Pink top
  16. Khaki pants
  17. Wooly blanket
  18. Army green sweatshirt
  19. Paisley shirt
    Hard to part with
  20. Workout shirt
  21. Gray flowy skirt
  22. Wide silver bracelet, multi-colored gem bracelet
  23. Pendant
  24. Candy dish
  25. Coffee mug
  26. Glass soap dispenser
  27. Stress relief candle
  28. Mini calendar
  29. New underwear
  30. 2 Tank tops
  31. Gray shorts
  32. 2 couch throw pillows
  33. Sunglasses
  34. More hangars
  35. Glass butterfly decor
  36. Boys: 3 shorts, 3 swim trunks
  37. Long gray cardigan
  38. Teavana tin canister
  39. Slightly used candles
  40. New water balloon pack
  41. 5 exercise VHS tapes
  42. To clean my pantry donated a bag of food for Stamp Out Hunger.
  43. Threw away loofah, gray scrubber, mini trash can, Lancome lipstick, 2 Estée Lauder lipsticks, 2 VS lip gloss, Revlon glittery lip gloss,
  44. Threw away 6 gallons of used paint