Things I know I should not do, but I lack self control and discipline

Guilty pleasures list
  1. Eating Ice
    Eating ice makes me feel better and when I get that perfect piece of ice that crunches in a satisfactory way I love it. But my poor teeth are paying the price.
  2. Looking at Adam Levine and reblogging a million pics of him.
    Sigh. He's just too damn sexy.
  3. Staying up late
    I'm a vampire. Sleepy all day and wide awake at night.
  4. Buying sushi and eating it all before anyone else comes home
  5. Shopping
    As a former shop-a-holic I try to stay away from stores. I even became addicted to buying groceries when I stopped going to mall.
  6. Buying Work-Out clothing
    I've been wearing work-out clothing years before it was fashionable; even when it was obvious I didn't work out. They're the most comfortable clothing. Ever. But I have an over abundance of work-out wear.
  7. Playing Soduku, Word Streak, Gems
    Why am I trying to beat my best scores? Do I really think this is helping to prevent Alzheimer's? I could have learned another language by now
  8. Seeing or hearing about someone I disliked in high school looking horrible now.
  9. Buying candy
    My mom never bought candy and Halloween only came once a year so as an adult I buy candy unnecessarily. This does not help my ADHD.
  10. Listening to Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez music
    Their new music is actually good. Probably changed producers.
  11. Buying make up
    I have enough makeup to last for 2-3 years.