1. H&M
    This store has apparels that are really unique in style. This is where I would buy my summer clothes 🌹
  2. Vans
    I used to be so obsessed with this store until I realized how expensive their clothes are. I would still visit it occasionally 😋
  3. Express
    This is where you go to get dress shirts (for guys who wear or need formal clothes) 👕
  4. Zara
    A little expensive but made for modern fashion 🌹
  5. Addidas
    Sports wear and known for their black joggers with white stripes on the side. Also soccer apparel ⚽️
  6. Reebok
    This is where I get my running apparel 🏃🏼 short shorts galore 👅
  7. Urban Outfitters
    Okay this is where you find random items like interesting books and unique toys and accessories 🔮📿⚱️ and expensive clothes 👚
  8. Pacsun
    Ripped jeans 👖👅 Denim shorts and unique shirts 👚👕
  9. American Eagle
    Y'all know what this store has; if you don't they have nice ass jeans 👖