Things that turn me on

If these things don't turn you on, you have a problem.
  1. A chair
    Just like riding a horse
  2. A water bottle
    Flipping one just gives me minor orgasms
  3. A lamp
    The sound it makes when you flicker it's switch is soooo damn hooott😫
  4. Paintings
    Do you ever just look at a painting and want to unzip your pants
  5. Cereal boxes
    Do I even have to explain myself? Exactly
  6. Alexa
    This thing talks!! R u kidding me, I won't be able to get my hands off it😫
  7. My backpack
    I just love shoving things in there. It's like sex
  8. The floor
    Cause why the hell not, I'm already fucking a lamp anyway