Here's just some fun things around my cubicle that really speak to who I am. Just a little glimpse into my space for all of my curious coworkers ; D
  1. My coffee cup, obviously. What kind of droning mess would the world be without coffee? It's great! People always tell me much they like this mug and I agree. It's just so fun.
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  2. My soul. Obviously found at the bottom of my coffee cup, where else?!
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  3. I know how cliche it is but i love post-it notes. I'm so scatterbrained i have to write reminders for everything. Sometimes i switch it up and put a funny one not related to work. It's just fun sometimes!
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  4. My headphones. People are always like "oh CJ listening to his quaint "indie" music again.
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  5. SYKE! I'm listening to slayer.
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  6. My great personality and ability to connect with fellow coworkers. I really pride myself on just being outgoing and opening up to everyone I meet in the office. I just love interacting with people because I'm such a people person.
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  7. My cash flow. Obviously I'm always in it for the paper. And the love of the game. Or maybe I'm confusing movies here.
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