This will be an on going list where i'll add stuff when it pops into my mind. You know, whenever i'm feeling overwhelmed with hilarious wit, probably whilst eating a taco or eavesdropping on workplace gossip. Subscribe to our podcast on itunes- "bubbly with buble."
  1. We're are within the top ten podcasts of twenty somethigs who get drunk and bicker incessantly amongst one another for an hour every week/every other week. At least top 20.
  2. I as going to make a list of type characters that resemble buttholes in some way but i was shut down by my other cohosts because it was "innapropriate." So if that doesn't show you that 2/3rds of us are hella classy...
  3. I'm new to this list app, but seriously it seems to be our demographic. You all seem to be 20somethings with a lot of knowledge of tina fey and amy poelher and it seems like you could all get down with some people following their dreams of kicking it with the smoothest canadian known to man.