Costumes I Have Worn

A chronological account of all Halloween costumes I can remember wearing.
  1. Little Red Riding Hood
    1982 - That's me and my bro.
  2. Snow White
    1984 - Apparently no amount of makeup was enough to satisfy me.
  3. Fairy Princess
    1985 - My mom's idea, but I was a very girly little girl. So...
  4. Devil
    1987 - This was totally my idea. I wore black tights and a leotard with horns, a pitchfork, and a pointy tail. Wish I had a picture. Wore it for a church Halloween carnival. I didn't get the irony.
  5. Genie
    1988 - I was so stoked about this one. I wanted to be sexy and the costume had a mid drift (the epitome of sexiness in my mind). I was certain I'd impress everyone with my 8 year old body...until it became the coldest night in Dallas Halloween history and I had to wear thermals under my cute costume. I'm still bitter, frankly.
  6. Bunnicula
    1989 - This was adorable! I loved the Bunnicula books. So I was a vampire rabbit. I wore a parsnip around my neck to represent a carrot Bunnicula had drained. Wish I had a pic.
  7. Hippie
    1991 - With Sammie Hooper for Ryan Brockington's Halloween Party (6th grade). The first of MANY hippie Halloweens, as you'll see. (It was kind of my go-to).
  8. Hippie
    1992 - Jennie Prather's Halloween Party (7th grade). I remember this was the night I first attempted to headbang and woke up the next day with the worst neck pain of my life. (PS: I'm somewhere in this pic looking very awkward and horrible, as one does at this age).
  9. Vampire
    1994 - I had a pic before the fire. :( I got all dolled up and wore my mom's prom dress from 1970 and then poured fake blood down my mouth and neck. ( I was obsessed with Anne Rice at the time).
  10. Pulp Fiction Uma Thurman/Mia Wallace
    1995 - Again, I used to have a picture before the fire. It was pretty rad.
  11. Cheerleader
    1999 - Ok. This was a lame attempt to impress my boyfriend at the time. Too bad I wore it to the daycare I worked at for their children's Halloween party. I was not an appropriate 19 year old.
  12. Hermione Granger
    2003 - Another picture that perished in the fire. This was harder to do at the time than it would be now. There was no Hot Topic yet. I had to scour the web and pay a pretty penny to put together an authentic Hogwarts uniform. It was a nerd's dream come true.
  13. Hippie
    2004 - For working on Halloween at the movie theater in Denton.
  14. Hippie
    2006 - For costume day working at Delta Airlines.
  15. Gypsy
    2007 - First Halloween living in Austin. I rented this from Lucy in Disguise and then bought it off of them because I loved it so much.
  16. 1960's Panam Stewardess
    2009 - I've been obsessed with the 60's since I can remember and love flying. This was perfect for me. I loved wearing it.
  17. Sookie Stackhouse (Merlotte's uniform).
    2010 - Guess what I was obsessed with that year. (Don't ask me to explain my husband's costume. I have no idea).
  18. Mike Nesmith's Groupie
    2011 - My favorite costume ever! I actually got my husband to dress as Mike Nesmith from The Monkees. I handmade his double-breasted shirt with the help of my mom and ordered my costume to match. I got to be 60's-y and my husband looked like a Monkee!!! My favorite show as a child. I'm still a big fan. This was so much fun. I've never been able to get him to match before or since, but he ended up loving this.
  19. 1980's Cliche Girl
    2012 - Didn't every girl in the 80's wear an "I 💜 the 80's" shirt at all times?
  20. 1960's Era Star Trek Girl
    2014 - Another excuse to wear 60's clothes. Tried to get my husband to be 60's Spock, but he decided to be a storm trooper at the last minute. Traitor.
  21. Supergirl
    2015 - This was so much fun.