It's 10:49 am, and I feel I've buggered my day off
  1. Txt a friend for coffee in less time than you have to get there. The guilt of laying in bed any longer will be trumped to the guilt of being an inconsiderate douche.
  2. Select something on Netflix with less than two stars... Watch an episode! Do it again! And you thought you had no willpower?
  3. Do 5 push-ups - bang bang!! You a fucking star.
  4. Pee yourself in bed... Just let it flow. I'd doesn't feel good once it gets cold. (Next step advised)
  5. Walk to the shower dropping your clothes as you go. Turn tap. Step in. Just take 5.
  6. Write a tongue in cheek list about motivating people from no earned laziness... Let the guilt creep on ya.... Fuck it, I'm up!