***SPOILER ALERT*** One could easily make a documentary as to how bad the movie is and I could write a list 4x as long as this one, but these are the 10 big ones - the *undeniable facts* that made this movie a disappointment.
  1. Superman is the enemy?
    Bruce Wayne, the U.S. Senate, and the general public all question Superman's existence. Even though there are monuments dedicated to him, he's treated as a nuisance. He also never gets to defend his case - how he sacrificed himself to save the world and killed Zod.
  2. Batman's reason for "destroying" Superman is ridiculous.
    Batman wants to kill a fellow hero who has the power to help SO many and do SO much more than Batman can ever possibly do, but because Superman MIGHT be a threat someday/somehow, Bruce wants to kill him... Just in case. Why doesn't he feel this way after he discovers the other superheroes? Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg? Or at least, why doesn't that change his mind?
  3. Lex Luthor - everything
    a. Why does Lex hate Superman? b. How exactly does he know Batman is planning to fight him? c. How does he know everything about the others? (Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg) - and he also knows all of their secret identities? d. Why is his head shaved at the end? Other than to just look like the Lex we all know. e. Jesse Eisenberg's performance.
  4. Lois Lane
    Just a damsel in distress who's also at the right place at the right time, once again.
  5. Batman stealing the kryptonite
    So, Batman shoots a bat-tracker onto the delivery truck with the kryptonite, but then begins a massive chase with the batmobile. Superman interrupts and stops him, telling him "the Bat is dead" and then flies off - not giving a damn about the bad guys Batman was chasing. Then Batman follows the tracking device to stealthily steal the kryptonite. Why didn't Batman just do that in the first place? Why chase them at all?
  6. Superman doesn't REALLY try to get Batman's help.
    He starts to explain that he needs Batman's help, but after just two attacks from Batman's side (high frequency sound and machine guns), Superman just says "F--- it" and fights back - possibly killing Batman, never again mentioning that he needs his help, until...
  7. The "Martha" Connection
    This is a cool connection they share, I guess, but: a. Why does Superman say "have to help Martha" instead of just saying "have to help my mother"? Who calls their mother by name? Especially to someone who doesn't know them at all. b. So, that's all Batman needed to decide Superman is not a threat anymore? Or does he still believe he's a threat, but overlooks it because they share this in common?
  8. "I thought she was with you?"
    This is a fun joke from Batman, but we know that Batman knows who she is - or at least that she's immortal. He sent the email to Wonder Woman asking her about her identity and past (which included a photo of her in full WW gear). But with that joke, it's as if he has NO idea who she is. Like this is the first time he's seen her.
  9. Doomsday birth
    So, mixing human blood with a Kryptonion (inside a Krypton Genesis chamber) is all that's needed to create a giant monster?
  10. Superman being killed
    REALLY??? This could have been avoided so easily - why not have Wonder Woman use the kryptonite spear to kill Doomsday?