some holidays on this list may not be considered 'traditional' holidays by everyone
  1. Thanksgiving - number one and the next one isn't even that close. Hanging out with family and friends with no pressure or uncomfortable and awkward gift giving. Grazing on food and smelling the incredible aromas as turkeys, hams, pies, rolls, etc. are cooking. Having the ball games on the t.v. Taking a nice turkey induced nap.
  2. Christmas - gathering with family. Brightly colored sweaters and decorations, listening to old Christmas carols and reminiscing about past Christmas's
  3. Pitchers and Catchers Report - Baseball spring trading while not a traditional holiday is one day I look most forward to as its a pleasant reminder that friggin winter, snow, slush, etc. is almost gone!
  4. The Masters Golf Tournament - this more than anything is the beginning of my favorite time of the year and my favorite sport.