Sports Personalities I Can't Watch or Listen to Anymore

Radio or T.V.
  1. Chris Berman - this guys more past his prime than Peyton Manning. With the horrible 70's music references and his multicolored comb over, it's time for him to pack it up!
  2. Jim Rome - the horrible goatee, the have a take don't suck crap, his sycophant listeners and over the top takes are more than one person should have to listen too.
  3. Mad Dog Russo - a caricature of every over the top obnoxious east coast radio guy, with none of the humorous qualities.
  4. Skip Bayless - Skip begins every one of his to long monologues with a big sigh. Then he rambles for 10 minutes. His takes are almost always based on his "eye test" and not so much facts. Plus his voice is like finger nails on a chalk board.
  5. Dan Le Batard - the biggest hang wringer and whinner on the radio or t.v. With his group of toadies he does his show with you can always be sure of at least 2 things... Contrarian views for the sake of it, and loads of courtesy laughter between his crew, which is important because nothing about them is funny.