Top Ten Movies of the 90's

From most liked on down. All great movies
  1. Saving Private Ryan - Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg, WWII, say no more
  2. The Big Lebowski - How Jeff Bridges didn't get an Oscar for this role is a crime. More quotable lines than any other movie. Pure awesome.
  3. Goodfellas - this movie, The Godfather and Scarface make up the mobster triumvirate.
  4. Terminator 2 - this movie is almost as good as the first one which is a huge achievement. Arnie is more awesome then in the first and the addition of the liquid metal terminator, a buff Sarah Conner and a adolescent John Connor make this one of the best in the franchise
  5. Forest Gump - great performances by a great cast with a unique and uplifting story.
  6. The Matrix - mind blowing special effects (at the time) and a weird and wonderful story with tons of action and really solid performances.
  7. Schindler's List - Spielberg delivers a fantastic and tough to watch movie. Stand out performances by the main actors.
  8. Pulp Fiction - Quinten Tarantino classic. Comeback performance by Travolta. Great jobs by Sam Jackson, Bruce Willis and others.
  9. Sixth Sense - back when M. Night could really make movies! Bruce Willis and the kid (forget his name), were great. Nice cameo from Donnie Walberg too!
  10. Good Will Hunting - Robin Williams was really good in this movie as was Mat Damon.