Things you should do in Bergen, Norway vol.1

I'm a german guy and I've traveled with my sisters to Norway. We meet up in Bergen - about 300.000 inhabitants- and found a pretty nice hostel. Just in case anyone will ever look this list up and will go to Norway... Well I hope I could give you some interesting tips.
  1. For the night: stay at the hostel called Montana
    It is 3,5 kilometers away from city center and is more a place to stay at for several days but it is worth it. The staff is nice and you have a pretty good price.
  2. Definitely go on a hike
  3. Always always always always bring your rain coat with you and other rain protection
    Fun fact in 2015 Bergen had about 280 days with rain...
  4. Drink a coffee
    I'm a coffee lover so doesn't matter where you are around the world just drink a coffee
  5. If you're into bars you should try the Barbarista bar.
  6. If you are on a hike you should totally try to take a selfie with a sheep
    Don't worry they will let you if you're nice to them
  7. Check out the town by just walking through it
    They have some nice coffees and small shops
  8. A little update... I have been to a museum today and visited the town again (drinking coffee)
  9. The museum was for free (if you are a student with a valid student ID) however I am not a museum person although the kids apartment was pretty fun
    We basically played special agent with people from our group where the average age is up to 20
  10. If you are a fish person check out the fish market downtown