So I wanna write something especially about the hostel Montana in Bergen.
  1. They have a good breakfast for the price
    Like bread and coffee, cheese, jam, cereal, ...
  2. The staff is super nice
    They spend a lot of time with you and show you stuff
  3. The view at the back of the house (a small platform) is really nice especially at night
  4. You can rent mountain bikes for free
  5. They have a kicker and a table-tennis plate
  6. They have free Wi-fi and there is a TV in the group room
    Although the Wi-fi is not that good if there are a shit load of people logged in but that is kinda everywhere
  7. Having free coffee and tee and sometimes cake or waffles every day in the afternoon
  8. I've not been to a lot of hostels however the Montana has really comfortable beds
  9. My sisters an I have a room for 4 people so I don't know about other rooms but the one thing that sucks is you can't really open the window (just a bit for air)
  10. For the musicians... They have a piano and guitars
  11. Kitchen is good equipped and they have eating spots inside and outside
    However the bad weather doesn't really give you a opportunity to chill outside