1. Linda Cardellini
    She came between Cory and Topanga as Lauren, much like the chocolate comes between two sweet butter cookies in her last name's potential Italian milan cookie brand.
  2. The Monkees
    Koala Yummies could have just as easily been Monkee Yummies. Kids would barely notice the difference.
  3. Melissa Joan Hart
    She revived her character of Sabrina the Teenage Witch in the series' most bat shit episode. What's not bat shit? A company called Hart's Cookies, made with a little extra love!
  4. Nancy Kerrigan
    Nancy taught Eric to ice skate, but she could have been teaching him how to cook her wholesome hypothetical Kerrigan brand cookies!
  5. Robert Goulet
    Maybe like a Goulet brûlée? That'd be cool, right?
  6. Keri Russell
    Feeny's hot niece has the blessing and the curse of Russell Stovers. Name recognition is nice but IP concerns abound.
  7. Blake Sennett
    Yes he was a series regular as Joey the Rat, but his post-BMW career (guitarist in Rilo Kiley) earns him a spot on this list. I probably would eat these cookies. I don't know.
  8. Adam Scott
    Scott Cookies are probably fine, albeit a bit bland, much like Griff was a safe but ultimately inferior replacement for Harley.
  9. Brittany Murphy
    One thing you could never call Murphy's character Trina was boring. Unfortunately, Murphy's Cookies sound just that.
  10. Mena Suvari
    Mena played a hottie from a rival high school, but Suvari Cookies are inevitably Estonian, which can't rival most of the rest of this list.
  11. Jennifer Love Hewitt
    She played Jennifer Love Fefferman, which is unfortunately a much better name for a cookie brand than Hewitt. Plus I feel like she's vegan based on absolutely no evidence whatsoever. Anyways, fuck these cookies.
  12. Larisa Oleynik
    Russian cookies are gross. They always have little dollops of sweet stuff in middle of a hard, bullshit biscuit-style cookie. No one likes that kind of cookie.