How to avoid a house meeting.
  1. Prescription Xanax
    You had a problem, but you're handling it. Great conversation piece.
  2. Alcohol
    Fully encouraged, unless you're Ruthie, who got an unfair rap. Every cast member since would be a Ruthie.
  3. Adderol
    Nothing wrong with this one. We're all in college.
  4. Cocaine
    Energy is wonderful. As long as you don't get caught, you're the star of the season. Get to it.
  5. Steriods
    It's like cheating on a test. The results (big pecs) get you praised / that hot blonde girl. If you're caught, you're a damn monster.
  6. Recreational Xanax
    The issue isn't that it's drugs. The issue is that you're actively making yourself boring. This economy is driven by camera time, so this shit isn't acceptable.
  7. Weed
    You fucking monster.