I just can't remember.
  1. Pedophile Smart Guy episode
    I remember Taj and a friend riding a surfboard and a guy trying to get them to take their clothes off. There's no way this was a thing so I'm definitely just confused.
  2. My friends mom's tanning bed
    Part of me thinks I made this up as a joke and I just started believing it. She was very tan.
  3. The secret BMX park
    I remember so vividly the path you would take through the woods to a hidden, very professional BMX park. I even remember a 300 lbs man breaking his leg riding his kids bike. If this is real, and to be clear I don't think it is, it must be wildly exaggerated, right?
  4. My fish's suicide
    He lived next in a bowl by the kitchen and one day jumped out while we cooked onto a frying pan. No chance. No way did this happen. I think there's even some common saying about this one. Gotta be fake.
  5. My mom giving my dad a BJ
    I was on the computer in the next room past my bedtime and was SURE I heard this. Loveless marriage aside, looking back they were totally the wrong sounds.