1. She digs her thumbs in for the first time.
    "Wow. I know he didn't have that immediately apparent movie star bod, but I can't help but notice: this guy is STRONG. Under a few layers of comfort, this is probably the strongest guy I've massaged all day. No, all WEEK."
  2. She searches his back slowly with her hands.
    "What a fucking mess! So many knots! Most of my customers are such spoiled dicks, but not this guy. He NEEDED this. This is medicine; therapy. Not luxury. Seriously, his back is impressively fucked."
  3. She guides him lightly from position to position.
    "What a smarty pants! He totally remembers what I did to the other side of his body and I don't even need to tell him what comes next. He's so smart and impressive."
  4. She slowly and deeply digs into every crevasse.
    "These feet aren't gross at all! I actually enjoy them! Love these feet, baby! Love these feet!"
  5. Two bodies, spent. She leaves him to get dressed.
    "I'm aware that he probably really needed this. And that this hour was probably what saved his week or month. I'm glad to have been able to help and don't hate touching people's bodies all day. I don't resent my customers one bit."